Chexsys Human Resources policies are based on principles such as equal opportunity, fair compensation, employee dialogue and the promotion of diversity.

We have an engagement to ensure that our employees enjoy the best possible working conditions and attain successful career path.

As our business is growing, we keep on reviewing our structures and manpower requirements where a number of job opportunities arise.

Positions are being advertised and posted through our website where you can send us your application for any specific post at that time.

Otherwise if you consider Chexsys as a potential employer, you may apply online at any time to join our Team.

To make our expansion plans successful, new talents are welcomed to join our dynamic Team.

Send your CV to

Or to address below.

Chexsys Consulting Ltd, 2nd floor, Ebene Esplanade, 24 Cyber city, Ebene.

Our Team

Opportunities arises in different forms:


Freelancers are welcome to bid on our projects.


Our Traineeship program serves as a first opportunity for students to gain understanding about the firm and helps them evaluate future career opportunities.

The Internship Program help the company to identify prospective full time employees and future potential for the organisation.


After successful job placement, the company will confirm quality employees and will provide support to promote:

  • Performance improvement through objectives-setting
  • Reward based on meritocracy
  • Career and succession management
  • Learning Strong business ethics