Business Process Outsourcing Services
In general, the Business Process Outsourcing is defined as the process of handling business activities on behalf of your company or business by hiring another company.
Our BPO Services include:

Accounting services include either portions or the full range of managing the accounts payable and accounts receivable processes.  It also includes managing the general ledger, bank reconciliation accounts and payroll services.

Data Entry

Data entry helps in getting large amounts of information added into databases or specific applications, cost effectively.

Database Management

Every business has customer and contact databases to manage and keep up to date.  Database management service allows keeping database clean and up to date through a program of contacting our customers to ensure you have the latest information.

Human Resources

Human resources are the manpower employed by the firm.  It is the valuable asset of the company.  More and more businesses are outsourcing their human resource business function or parts of that function to experts who do this service full-time.  This ranges from hiring processes to management of employee benefits process to payroll.  Businesses that find a high quality service provider outsource their HR activities and can increase their employee satisfaction vis-à-vis reduce expenses.